4 Спальни Виллы-Дома Аренда Kresna Blagoevgrad Болгария

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4 Спальни Виллы-Дома Аренда Kresna Blagoevgrad Болгария

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'The White House' is a newly-renovated Bulgarian mountain-style villa situated in Bulgaria, on the west slopes of the Pirin Mountains, in the tiny mountain village of Varbite, 1000 metres above sea level. Varbite can be found 15 km east from the town of Kresna, 6km from the village of Vlahi and 160 km south of Sofia. Kresna, the nearest town, can be also be reached by bus or train. Transport can be arranged from here to and from 'The White House'. whilst the villa is accessible by car in reasonable weather, when it is wet 4-wheel drive transport is essential.
Varbite is also a gateway to the Pirin National Park, one of the three National Parks in Bulgaria and the only one which is a UNESCO site of outstanding natural beauty. Varbite has grown as a summer mountain hamlet where local people escape from the heat of summer. In midwinter it is often above the snowline.
On the ground floor of the villa there's a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, electric cooker, fridge with freezer and plenty of utensils. There is one cozy living room with a wood fire and a larger lounge with a splendid view over the surrounding scenery and across to the Macedonian mountains in the far distance.
On the first floor, there are 3 bedrooms, one bedroom with a double bed, one bedroom with 2 beds and a single bedroom as well as a shower-room with toilet. There's also a separate toilet. These are accessed externally in the traditional bulgarian fashion.
On the second floor, there is a twin bed room under the eaves with a panoramic view from the top of the house accessed by an external spiral stair. This is not suitable for children under 12.
In spite of its remote location at 1000 metres, The White House has plenty of modern facilities but is an ideal mountain retreat for those looking to experience an adventure in the wild. It's the perfect setting for mountain rambles or peace and tranquility surrounded by nature. There are no pesticides used in the region so there are many varieties of butterflies and wild flowers.
The area around the villa is forested with black and white pine-trees and there are delightful local walks. Be sure to take a compass, map and walking boots. Mobile reception is available at the villa but not everywhere in the locality, so SATNAV cannot be relied upon. Higher up beyond the tree-line there are plenty of mountain climbing routes and the scenery is breathtaking.
Two famous peaks are accessible from the villa, Vihren and Sinantsa, and if you are a less experienced mountain walker a local guide can easily be arranged. The villa is quite isolated from shops and restaurants, with only few other private residences around it. Unless the weather is dry a 4x4 is advisable because the road beyond Vlahi is not metalled. Drive carefully because the road is steep in places though the views are spectacular as you travel up towards the Pirins.
One of the most beautiful trips you can make from the villa is to the Sini Vrah (Sinanitca) peak. It's a four hour walk from Vihren hut to reach the gully of Sini Vrah (Blue Peak). The peak of Sini Vrah is famous for its beauty. According to local lore it throws bluish glows early in the morning. Deep in the small gully is an 'eye-tear' lake. There is a hostel by the lake so it is possible to stay overnight there, but advisable to book in advance in the summer months.
The White House resolutely resists TV or WIFI (though there is a radio and CD player) because it is designed as a retreat – a space for relaxation, intimacy, family quality time or a stop-over for mountain climbers and adventurous spirits. It is a mountain region so it is vital to take sufficient groceries and supplies for your entire trip unless you are planning to travel further afield.
It takes 3-4 hours to drive to the Halkidi and Sithonia peninsular resorts from the villa. The town of Melnik to the south and Blagoevgrad to the north are worth a visit, as it the magnificent Rila Monastery.

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The White House is located amid forest to the southwest of the Pirin mountain range. It is accessed by vehicle from Kresna, on the road and rail line from Sofia to Greece, though experienced (fit) trekkers will be attracted by arriving from Bansko, having taken advantage of the hut network to explore the Pirin National Park (Guide recommended). The air is clean and gentle - benefiting from a Mediterranean and an alpine climate. There is superb nature all around, and artists should pack a sketch pad. There are other holiday homes here - all Bulgarian owned - and others under construction. The house itself is renovated from a concrete construction common in the last years of Communism. It is a mix of the modern - such as the kitchen and excellent extension with high sloping roof - and the quirky - with access to the bedrooms and toilets from an external staircase at the rear of the property, and water via an electric pump - although all worked well during my stay. The service is good from the people who look after the property, with initial contact and key drop-off working fine. Well before the end of my 12 day stay, I felt relaxed and privileged to have experienced this superb natural environment.
Написано: (Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria), Дата посещения: 2014-07, : TripAdvisor

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We have had a truly wonderful 3-week holiday in Bulgaria and our eyes have been opened to a country we had barely thought about before. Our hours have been spent relaxing in the sun at the White House (you have to move about a bit in the garden to find the spot), reading, drinking wine, talking and studying all the many various birds in the woods. As we were only two people staying it was easy to make the larger living room into a study where we managed to get quite lot of work done for a couple of hours most days. The house is detached and relatively spacious. Very much enjoyed was a two-day walk in the mountain from Vihren to Sinanitsca and we stayed at the hostel there (that particular hostel turned out to be a grotty, filthy place but we had such a lovely time in the mountains). We also went to the caves in Rhodolpi and stayed in Dospat and then Devin. A highlight was a visit to the village of Pirin where lunch at a lady's "hotel" was a miraculous find of a famous folk singer. On a different occasion we walked up through the woods near the White House to the first area where the trees clear which is a magical place. We even spent an evening with Petar (the local Bulgarian contact) showing us his allotment and somehow managing to communicate together (with a little translation phone-help from his daughter) - they have been so lovely and incredibly helpful. Petar's wine, honey and other produce has been gratefully consumed by us in considerable quantity. Another lovely experience was going up to the Zagaza Hut (NNE about 9km from the White House along the track) where we had a simple meal and excellent home made wine and meeting the lovely man/caretaker there. Luckily another guest was on site translating for us. The Zagaza Hut looks very clean and seems like a great place to stay for a few nights. The White House is basic but equipped with most essentials. A four-wheel drive vehicle is definitely recommended. The house (on the west-facing side of the Pirin mountain range) is situated 45 min’s drive up into the mountains along a very rough track. The forests all along are dense but the views are stunning once you get to one of the clear areas. The house itself is also very much amongst the trees but the sun starts to shine through at around 9am (August). The temperature at that altitude (1400m?) takes it down from a sweltering 30C to around 22C, much preferred by us. The house is situated in a very small ‘village’ consisting of holiday houses scattered amongst the hillside trees. There were very few people about generally except at weekends. The nearest shop is a lengthy drive down to Kresna so it is essential to stock up with water and provisions. We were recommended not to drink the water in the house (fine for washing, boiling and for the WC) but, using a couple of large water-containers, we made a habit of filling up from the mountain-water tap halfway down the hill. There is no wifi in the house but there was just enough signal to use our mobile phone for internet connection. I would recommend this place to stay once it is understood that it is perhaps not a holiday house for everyone. Those that might enjoy a remote mountain location and fairly basic living standards will find this an interesting and relaxing place. I am not sure that the overall idea of the house and the setting is fully conveyed through the website (all information on the website is correct, however), but once booked, the owner was always prompt and accurate in all communications. We did not want to leave and go back to our real lives, but such is what a good holiday means.
Написано: (Thatcham, United Kingdom), Дата посещения: 2016-08, : TripAdvisor