4 Спальни коттеджи Аренда Symi Dodecanese Aegean Islands Греция

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4 Спальни коттеджи Аренда Symi Dodecanese Aegean Islands Греция

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In the shadow of the old plane tree, in the amphitheatrical square “Avgerinos”, were laid the ruins of the stone building, a pile of garbage and stones, which represented the "shame" of this graphic and amphitheatrical square. A folksy house, whose time travel began in the early or in the mid of 19th century, sensed the breath, the crying and the delight of the locals, the travelers and the warriors of life, and followed the fate of abandonment, that wars and poverty imposed.
And now comes the right decision to revive and accept travelers, who come to live days of tranquility and authenticity, and savor the quality of Greece.
Villa Platanos, is a clear proof of virtuosity, of craftsmanship and elegance of Symians’ craftsmen, who continue to work and produce such carvings.
For the restoration of the house, where used the existing stones of ruins, while, the old masonry was maintained where possible. The traditional materials such as stone, wood, tiles and erratic Symian slates, dominate. However, for reasons mainly static, for fire protection, thermal insulation and hygiene, modern materials were used, such as unreinforced and reinforced concrete, insulation materials, ceramic tiles etc. This modern materials, where used so as not to weaken the sense that this building, existed even since the pre-past century.
In this authentic habitat, they will see, will live and find out, that “Tourism” does not mean subordination, does not mean whatever apartment, that holiday in Greek islands is neither just “ROOMS TO LET”, nor the impersonal few or five stars room. This “Tourism”, constitutes the reflection of this island’s history.
And that is the story that this house is going to recount, the new decade of the 21st century.
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почтовый индекс: 85600
Город: Symi
Регион: Aegean Islands
Область: Dodecanese
страна: Греция
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Максимальное размещение: 8 Спальные
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avatar Рейтинг: (5) rate
The cottage is beautifully presented with everything you could possibly need for your stay. Location is high up and lots and lots of steps but can also be reached by taxi or car with only a short walk down to the cottage. Taxi from Symi was only 5 Euro. Good local taverna in nearby village area with excellent home cooked food. Walk down to Pedi beach was an easy 25-30 minute walk. Could easily have stayed longer had we had more time.
Написано: (UK), Дата посещения: 2016-06, : TripAdvisor

avatar Рейтинг: (5) rate
Απόλαυσα το βιβλίο μου στη σκιά του Πλάτανου, μπροστά σε ένα σκηνικό ταινίας με τα νεοκλασσικά της Σύμης και την αμφιθεατρική πλατεία. Μακριά σαν ερημίτης αλλά και τόσο κοντά στο κοσμοπολίτικο (πλέον) κέντρο της Σύμης. Για πιο παραδοσιακή διασκέδαση, η πλατεία του Συλλόγου που απέχει 10 λεπτά με τα πόδια από το σπίτι, προσφέρει πολύ καλές, φθηνές και ποιοτικές επιλογές.
Написано: , Дата посещения: 2016-06, : TripAdvisor

avatar Рейтинг: (5) rate
A nice house which is located up in the village.It can accommodate maximum 8-9 persons but its also a very nice choice for one family.We enjoyed very much sharing all the rooms we have had available.It has everything you need for your stay fully equipped.Also the location is very quite and the views from the house nice too. The owner when we arrived was not there but a lady welcomed us nicely and helped us with the suitcases and information about the island. Just one thing to mention is that if you have mobility problems the access is not so easy.From the port you can access the house but there are a lot of steps or you can go by car to a square and then you come down 45 steps and another 54 to reach the house.Apartment from that our accommodation was excellent and we enjoyed very much.
Написано: (FOURNI ISLAND), Дата посещения: 2018-09, : TripAdvisor